Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What is Pantsula-dance?

Pantsula-dance is described as a flat footed African tap-and-glide style of dance. The Zulu word “pantsula” means to “waddle like a duck" or alternatively "to walk with protruded buttocks,” which is a characteristic of the dance.

IsiPantsula-culture represented the rebellious youths in the townships and it consists of a certain fashion that goes with the dance, a certain music, a language and a lifestyle. IsiPantsula is the most important youth culture in South Africa over the past 50 years and it shaped the identity of several generations. It is mainly expressed through specific dance-steps and dress-codes. Since access to technical equipment and performance facilities was extremely limited, the competitive spirit of Pantsula was almost entirely revealed in the streets – who could dress the flashiest and who could perform the most creative dance steps.

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